Monthly Archives: January 2010

My First Mittens

Readers may find it beggars belief, but these same hands knit both of these mittens. Sadly, the perfect mitten was the first ‘knitten’. It took me all of twenty-four hours under the watchful eye of my expert Nanny S. in Newfoundland. Clearly, I was able to channel the skill of my Newfoundland Foremothers on this one, not to mention ask my grandmother every step of the way what I should do next. No pattern by the way – just frequent trying-ons.

The second mitten, after returning to the Big Smoke, took over a month of dithering and was completed finally on the inaugural Friday Night Knitting Club just held here. It looks like it was made more for an Alien than human hand. What may not be clear are what look like several pairs of tiny vampire teethmarks, scattered around the second, deeply flawed mitt.

Along with living in infamy on the internet, this pair may be headed straight for a glassed-in frame on the wall where they can be preserved for posterity. For now, I am still a Newfie Princess in training.

Unlikely Injuries

Although I once assumed that cutting myself quite badly on a piece of salsa was the most unlikely injury imaginable, I was mistaken. It turns out I have been the unwitting architect of considerable misery for my friend, Jeannie, who broke a tooth eating my undeniably delicious turkey soup.
Worse, to me, is that she didn’t want to tell me. Not to mention the fact that I made the soup while staying at her weekend house, and in some respects, under her supervision. Well, I am heartily sorry, Jeannie, and I hope you got to enjoy some of the soup before it ruined your week. xo Tena

Feels Like I’ve Finished Principal Photography on Titanic

And I don’t mean in that sinking ship way, more in that the biggest part of capturing it all on film is done. Now I’m in the zoomed in stage doing some reshoots, closeups, maybe even a little C.G.I. and definitely some cutting and pasting. The stuff you do once the cast has mostly gone home, and you’re pretty much on your own. But I’m happy to be at this stage. Many times it would have been hard to imagine ever arriving here.
I’ve got this lovely new little red netbook that I can carry on one finger, so I’m instantly more portable and motivated to work on the move. Looking forward to hoisting anchor and picking up some speed on the open ocean. Think good thoughts for me. I’m going to need them as I navigate around.

Moving Onward – writing and life

It’s been quite a week – end of holidays is always a little hard to swallow, and the fact that my husband lives in another country, makes the end even more difficult. It’s fine when we say goodbye after a regular weekend together, but after three weeks in the same place, goodbye is suddenly infused with regret and longing.

But, I’m happy to report that I’m still actively engaged in living my resolutions. Here’s a little update on some:

– I finished my third draft of WIP and printed off all 468 pages of it, for myself and the early readers. Half my toner on the new printer is already gone!
– I’m moving on energetically with the equally important revising/editing stage.
– I’m more consistent with my online updates.
– I have been clutter busting like mad, getting ready for the painter friend who is going to make my bedroom and office more lovely and welcoming and less penitentiary-like in colour.
– I’m breathing more.
– I’ve been to the library with my brand new library card for a visit that felt a lot like Christmas morning!
– I’m connecting with/calling all my homes more – especially my grandparents – special love to Nanny S. who is about to go into the hospital for surgery on Monday.
– I’m walking, stretching, taking vitamins, and packing my lunch.
– Although I’m not officially buying nothing new, I’m moderately following in my twin’s ambitious footsteps and buying very little new, and I’m SAVING!
– I’m taking fewer taxis, using my transit pass.
– I am re-inhabiting my house. It feels more like home again.
– I’m embracing employment and enjoying doing the best I can at what I do.
– I am appreciating my many and varied relationships.
– I’m remembering to be grateful.

Now, to get back to the dentist, relax occasionally, finish knitting that second mitten, and conquer fear! Ha! Yes, these are the tough ones!

I hope you are staying warm and doing whatever you planned for yourself this January.