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30th Anniversary of Breakfast Club – Nothing Simple About Those Minds


I’m going to try to do a few things in this post. First of all, thanks to Eileen On at http://www.eileenon.wordpress.com for nominating for a new blogging challenge: 5 Photos – 5 Days. She encouraged me to share more from my SXSW experiences in Austin, Texas, which I’ve been slow to do, since the end of South By Southwest coincided with my return to teaching full time after 9 months off – a jarring jolt of a time, to be sure.

The second thing I’m going to try to do is incorporate some videos into this blog for the first time ever! My Banff Centre friends would be so impressed – if it works, that is!

During SXSW 2015, a real highlight for me was the 30th anniversary rerelease of Breakfast Club. If you came of age in the 80’s, this movie was your touchstone (first date, anyone? anyone?) and John Hughes had plugged into your psyche, and was downloading (before that was even a thing) your emotional topography. They screened it at The Paramount – an historical theatre in Austin, and the venue for the biggest SXSW Film Festival events.

We were greeted with pink doughnuts photo 2(7)

and a choir of elementary schoolers singing a gorgeous acoustic version of Don’t You Forget About Me, photo 3(3)

and finally, a real live interview with Molly Ringwald and Ally Sheedy! I was beside myself when I realized that Molly and Ally were right beside me – that’s how dark it was. They were adorable, and I am hopefully going to be able to share a tiny bit of their interview. My photos are poor quality, and the video amateurish, but what a delight to have been there, and in those good seats! My 16-year-old self would have spontaneously combusted!

Here’s Ally Sheedy talking about that sandwich – the one she poured pixie stix onto and crushed chips and who knows what else. (at least she saved the dandruff for her art work)  *** APOLOGIES – CAN’T ATTACH VIDEO…Working on it!

And here’s Molly Ringwald talking about John Hughes, who must have considered her a major muse. *** MORE APOLOGIES – working on attaching video! Wrong format 😦

I loved the part when both actresses talked about how John Hughes basically (and quietly) (and individually) told everyone in the cast that “Really, I was you…” so that they all felt his most personal connection was to their character! I won’t forget about them. I just wish you were all there too.

Also, Molly mentioned that she had watched Breakfast Club with her 11 year-old daughter last year and interviewed her before, during, and after for a podcast for This American Life. On my way to check that magic out NOW! Like I said, nothing simple about those minds.

Surprising Tapestry of Sessions at SXSW – South By Southwest…

SXSW is a 3-part festival, with Interactive going the first 5 days, Music the last 5, and Film stretched through the full festival.

In regular life, you just don’t get this kind of variety in a 10-day stretch. I love that when I come to South By Southwest (SXSW), I’m not here for work and with a platinum pass, I am entirely free to sample any offerings that catch my eye. With so many overlapping sessions, I couldn’t make them all, and some didn’t really lend themselves to interesting photos, but what rich pickings!

Here’s a taste of what made my short list this week, mainly from the Interactive part of the festival. I’ll talk about Film and Music a bit later.

~Robot Petting Zoo (Don’t Feed the Animals!)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

~Books Are The New Vinyl

~Debunking the Disruption Innovation Myth

~When Your Devices Decide to Touch You Back

~Story Structure Secrets

~Is The Internet Disappointed In Us?

~The Invisible Salary: Why Money Doesn’t Matter

~Wearable Technologies 3 & Will Wearables Bring New Purpose to Fashion?

~Made in Brooklyn: A Craft Foods Revolution

~Failure As A Creative Catalyst

~Dramatic Reading by Programmers of Bug Reports (with Puppets)

~Jedi Mind Tricks For Entrepreneurs

~Can Sports Help End A Culture of Violence

~You Can’t Sit With Us: Craft Beer Subculture

~Minimal Viable Pub: How to Open A Pub on $5K

~Cuddly Drones

~The Future Is Short-Form: Storytelling For Today

~Making Art While Entertaining the Internet

~How To Rob A Bank: The Vulnerablilities of New Money

~ and finally one unofficial 6th Street session that almost pulled me in – less for the title than the first instruction: “Reconsider”twerk 1 twerk 2

Taking This Show On The Road…

It’s no secret that I’m All Over The Map (Just check out my About page if you want to know) but my Writing/Reading/Swimming Sabbatical (based mainly in Texas) is winding down a little earlier than originally planned and to cap it off, I’m embarking on another few exciting trips before heading back to Toronto and my teaching life – A life I thought might wait until September, but since it won’t (it’s going to be starting up again on March 24), we’re closing off the Sabbatical with a bang (and a highly unfaithful ode to Shakespeare)!  I’ve got to fit a few days in Denver & Dallas, over a week in Austin, (for SXSW!!!) and finally home to Toronto into these suitcases…

Packing to wrap up the Sabbatical...

Packing to wrap up the Sabbatical…

But packing….

Ah, there’s the rub, for in this suitcase we call Big Red, (& her little sister)

What I’ve forgotten, or could not fit despite my toil,

To fill, to store, to bundle, to stow,

must give me pause…

Here’s hoping that anything I forget will be ok until May, when I’m back for a short stint to celebrate Birthday weekend with the husband.